Amazon Fire Stick

How many of you are getting sick of paying for expensive cable? I know I am. The Amazon Fire stick very inexpensive for what the products does. The Amazon Fire Stick not only will bring down your crazy cable bill and paying for unwanted channels that you don’t watch, but it can also launch content with the voice activated remote including the Amazon Alexa is with the Amazon Fire Stick you can download app just like you can on your Xbox, Playstation or even your Wii. You can connect your Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, and many other apps that you can use to stream subscriptions fees may apply. The Amazon Fire Stick also can pair with you Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot. So if you want a way to cut you cable bill in half Amazon Fire Stick is perfect way to stream and watch tv and movies. I had cable bill of $99 plus tax a mouth that didn’t include internet and that was basic cable. After given it shot i pay about $50.00 bucks a month to stream live TV with Sling TV and I can still watch all my football, news and more some service may include an extra charge to add on. With paying for Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime Music and video i still came out ahead. So this is the perfect way to save money and get rid of cable.



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