Ring Video Doorbell By Wink

Wink brings a very secure and let you see who at your door and it is called the Ring Video Doorbell by Wink. The Ring Video Doorbell is a very amazing feature for your home. It lets not only monitor who at your door but also get alerts on your phone who at your door and let you also speak to them. It provides security for you and your family by communicating with people for unwanted people to come in your house. The battery usage is anywhere from 6-12 months that is rechargeable battery. It has a two way audio for noise cancellation. Ring also has a motion detector so you can monitor your home even when your not at home that will send you alerts to your phone. It also has a cloud recording feature for anything that may need to find that happens while your were gone.  So the Ring Video Doorbell is the key for knowing who is and isn’t at your door.


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